😍 A filthy no-look lob return

Plus, Katy Perry says 'Pickleball is better than padel", apparel industry veterans serve up new pickleball brand, and loads more

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Epic point of the week

😍 A filthy no-look lob return

This week’s epic point was submitted by one of our subscribers, Ort!

Take a look at this filthy, no-look lob return! Ort’s partner even had to dodge the return matrix-style, inadvertently acting as a screen!

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My favorite balls for outdoor play

Brandon and CORE pickleball

I have a new ball I’ve been playing with a lot lately -

The CORE Outdoor Pickleball.

Here in Scottsdale, the weather is usually pretty nice. Sunny, warm and ready for pickleball.

But it gets windy. And, I’ll be honest, I hate playing in wind. 

The CORE balls were the first I’ve noticed actually stay true flight in the wind. They have a good predictable bounce, and I haven’t cracked one yet.

I also like how they play – faster than the Franklin X-40s, but not quite as hard and bouncy as the Dura Fast 40s.

With the weather getting nice, grab a 3-pk on Amazon and try them out next time you’re playing outdoors ☀️

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Level Up

🤾 Disguise your speedups like a pro

Rahul, Pickleheads community manager and APP Top 150 player, is back once again with this week’s top tip…

Want to be less predictable when speeding up the ball? Here is one quick fix to disguise your speed up!

Rather than speeding up when your paddle is at your side, which requires more movement and is more noticeable and obvious…

Simply, shift your elbow out in front of your body.

Disguise your speedups GIF

This allows you to dink to the middle to the sides, lob, and speedup all with the same stroke: the simple movement of just your forearm.

You’ll then be able to disguise your shots and keep your opponents on their toes, wondering whether you’re going to dink or speed up!

Here’s a video of Rahul talking you through this week’s tip 👇

Quick Hitters

🌟 Katy Perry in workout gear says "Pickleball is better than padel"

Following on from last week’s story, it now seems Katy Perry has become yet another celeb ambassador for pickleball! 

So much so, Perry even took to her Instagram to dig out our rival racquet sport, Padel. 

👟 Apparel industry veterans serve up new pickleball brand

Former ‘Vionic’ CEO Chris Gallagher has reassembled his veteran team to build a new pickleball lifestyle apparel brand.

PB5star, soft launched in true insider-style at the eTail West conference in Palm Springs in late February, with a private pickleball tournament for the who’s who of the retail industry.

📈 Pickleball’s momentum fuelling racket sport’s growth

We already know that pickleball is America’s fastest growing sport, right? 

Take the paddle quiz logo

Check out our BRAND NEW paddle quiz! I’m really excited about this one…

I get asked every week for paddle recs but it’s hard without knowing your playstyle and needs…

So enter the quiz - answer 7 quick questions and I’ll recommend the 3 best for you. I tested over 80 paddles last year but only pick from the top 30.

Are you playing with the best paddle for your game? Find out below 👇

Take the paddle quiz
Dream Court of the week

Cumberland Harbour, St. Mary’s, GA

Cumberlan Harbour pickleball court image

You’ll find this week’s dream court nestled in the gated community of Cumberland Harbour, St Mary’s, Georgia, “one of the most prestigious communities in the South, unrivaled anywhere along the East Coast.”

With Georgia’s gentle three season climate, you could really see yourself spending plenty of time on this court…or relaxing by one of their three pools!

NEW: Find a pickleball lesson near you

You can now book lessons with over 840 pickleball instructors on Pickleheads!

Find a lesson image

We’re constantly hearing from new players who don’t know where to start. A beginner’s lesson is the perfect way to learn the rules and basic techniques.

Try our lessons search tool to see all nearby pickleball coaches on a map.

This feature is live on web and coming to the app soon.

Once you find someone, you can book and schedule with our partners over at Teachme.to.

TeachMe.to offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try a lesson risk-free.

Pickleheads pickleball exclusive deals image

Pickleball Central

PC image

Now, this is one of our biggest exclusive deals EVER…

Pickleheads readers can now enjoy 10% off everything on Pickleball Central!

Well almost everything…no Selkirk, Gearbox, or machines.

Pickleball Central carries pretty much everything.

Whether you’re shopping for paddles, balls nets, or accessories, check out this sweet deal 👇

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