🤌 A hands battle for the ages!

Plus, Park Authority restarts court removal with security guard, the Eagles lose Jake Elliott to pro pickleball? And loads more

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🤌 A hands battle for the ages!
🤾‍♀️ An unbeatable pickleball ready position
🏈 The Eagles lose Jake Elliott to pro pickleball?
👮‍♂️ Park Authority restarts court removal with security guard
Epic point of the week

🤌 A hands battle for the ages!

This is an epic point for the ages, featuring two insane fast-hand battles at the kitchen!

It’s worth checking out the sweet home-court setup too. (fun fact - I’ve played at that house before!)

To check out this week’s epic point, click the image ▶️

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Level Up image

🤾‍♀️ An unbeatable pickleball ready position

Rahul, Pickleheads community manager and APP Top 150 player, is back once again with this week’s top tip…

You’ll hear a lot of people tell you how to hold your paddle in the ready position in pickleball.

Some will say hold it high, some will say hold it low. And some will say somewhere in between.

However, after experimenting for countless hours…I’ve discovered the PERFECT ready position to make your counters and resets perfect too!

Keep your paddle at navel level and have your elbows aligned with your rib cage! 

Level UP GIF

So, what does this do?

Well, this allows you to cover the hardest spot in pickleball…

Your hips!

It also reduces time to hit those high speedups. And, makes it easy to get those low resets.

In every other ready position, you’re usually reaching to an extreme to hit a particular shot.

However, with this ready position you can easily reach all different shots in the midcourt and at the net while staying prepared for everything else.

Use this ready position next time you’re playing pickleball and be ready for every ball!

Here’s a video of Rahul talking you through this week’s tip 👇

Quick Hitters image

🏈 The Eagles lose Jake Elliott to pro pickleball?

Turns out Super Bowl-winning kicker Elliott is more than a talented pickleball player. 

If you ask Barstool Sports, he could turn pro sooner than you think…

The article even features a clip of Elliott hitting a behind-the-back volley.

👮‍♂️ Park Authority restarts court removal with security guard

A County Park Authority has had to call in a security company to stop sit-in protesters while they remove pickleball courts.

🍔 Guy Fieri gives touching speech at pickleball-themed party

Guy Fieri, American restaurateur, recently gave a touching speech at his son’s engagement party. 

Hunter Fieri will marry Tara Bernstein, content creator and pro pickleball player, later this year and they celebrated with a pickleball-themed party last week. 

Exciting announcements image

🙌 Our team is growing at Pickleheads!

Emily Pickleheads

Exciting news to share… please meet Emily Reburn, our new Head of Partnerships!

Emily and her family are pickleball obsessed (basically a requirement for getting hired at Pickleheads 😝) and she’s here to help me collaborate with all the great potential partners out there.

So if you own or work at a brand that could be a good fit for Pickleheads, let’s get in touch.

We reach over 800,000 players every month and can help you:

  • Build brand awareness

  • Promote a new product launch

  • Run a giveaway with us

  • Promote a local event

And we’re always all ears to any other collab ideas you may have.

So don’t be shy, Emily would love to hear from you!

Email [email protected] or click below to get in touch 👇

NEW: Instantly chat with players at courts you follow

A few weeks ago we launched court chat, the easiest way to connect with nearby players!

Follow a court, and you can now chat with everyone who plays there:

Chat with other players image

This is perfect if you’re traveling or exploring new courts in your area.

Just hop in the court chat to confirm open play times or find games at your level:

Group chat image

No more hunting for local Facebook groups, TeamReach codes or GroupMe invites.

Click follow on any court page and you’ll be automatically added to a group chat with other players who follow that court.

Dream Court of the week image

Azalea Retreat – Sherrills Ford, NC

Azalea Retreat – Sherrills Ford, NC imae

You’ll find this week’s Dream Court on Lake Norman, NC.

This home, called the Azalea Retreat, serves up lake views and loads of activities!

Including private access to your very own pickleball court, private pool, shuffleboard, arcade games, and room for… 34 guests!?! I know, right?

Take the paddle quiz header image

I get asked every week for paddle recs but it’s hard without knowing your playstyle and needs…

So enter the quiz - answer 7 quick questions and I’ll recommend the 3 best for you. I tested over 100 paddles over the last year but only pick from the top 30.

Are you playing with the best paddle for your game? Find out below 👇

Take the paddle quiz image
Gear We love image

One of my favorite paddles in 2024… still

PickleApes Pro Line S

I’ve tested over 20 new paddles in 2024. But I keep coming back to this one…

It’s the Pro Line Energy S from Pickleball Apes.

I’ll be honest, I was NOT expecting to find a new favorite paddle while testing it late last year. But I just can’t put it down.

Why? This paddle is unique – it’s made with kevlar and raw carbon fiber.

To me, Kevlar softens the edges of raw carbon fiber – and that has a big impact on your game.

It hits hard and has some of the biggest spin I’ve played with. But when you need to slow down, it has that plush feel to get you back in the point.

You can hit those buttery smooth drop shots that get you to the kitchen in a single go 🤌

I predict we’ll see more and more Kevlar paddles in 2024. And right now, Pickleball Apes makes the best one.

If you’re an intermediate who needs a paddle that does a bit of everything, this is my pick for you. 

Because if I show up to a 4.0+ advanced session and can only grab one paddle… this is it.

I’m also happy to share a special 10% off with code PICKLEHEADS. Which takes the price down to a super-reasonable $135.00. 

Hope you have as much fun with this paddle as I do :)

10% off code PICKLEHEADS auto-applied in the link above

Exclusive Deals header image

My trusty drilling partner

Brandon and the ERNE

Summer is here!

And, if you’re like me you’re probably playing a bunch more trying to get into your best pickleball shape.

I’m currently trying to take my game to the next level but there’s only so much of that you can do in live game situations.

So I’ve been drilling A LOT lately! At least once a week with my ERNE.

And I must say… I’m seeing results 🙌

I’m now playing with higher-level players. I even played with some 5.0’s recently and held my own.

If you’re looking to play your best game this summer, give the ERNE a look.

They are still on backorder but wait times are getting shorter – if you order now, delivery is guaranteed for August.

And remember - Pickleheads subscribers get $100 off with the code PH100.

Click the link below to secure delivery in August 2024 👇🏻

**Use code PH100 to save $100 on the Erne**

Meme of the week image
Meme of the week image 2
USA Pickleball image

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