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  • Always get your serves in, right? Wrong! 🙅‍♂️

Always get your serves in, right? Wrong! 🙅‍♂️

Plus, pickleball in the French Riviera, the hidden costs of pickleball, and more...

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In this issue:

🌅 Pickleball in the French Riviera?! Uhh tell me more…
🙅‍♂️ Always get your serves in, right? Wrong!
🤤The filthiest paddle I’ve ever played with…”
💸 The hidden costs of pickleball

Epic point of the week

☀️ Sun’s out…the lobs on!

Uploaded by Double_Cross_Gender to Reddit.

This week’s Epic Point Of The Week comes from Double_Cross_Gender uploaded to Reddit two months ago.

With the score at 3-2-1, this epic point features 25 shots, two lob attempts in the sun, and one helluva drive to settle the point.

To check it out, click the image ▶️

Have a filthy point caught on cam? 📸

Reply to this email or submit yours to [email protected]. The most epic one will feature in next week’s newsletter!

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Level Up

Always get your serves in, right? Wrong!

Here’s Rahul, Pickleheads community manager and APP Top 150 player with this week’s top tip:

If you’re not missing a serve every now and then, you’re playing it too safe! Serve deeper.

As pickleball evolves, one of the most important shots in the game has become the serve.

It's no longer acceptable to hit a soft, short serve. Your opponents can crush the return.

Putting you on the back foot, making your third shots hard and keeping you on defense.

By hitting deeper serves that land in the back quarter of the court, you force weaker returns from your opponent. Which makes our third shots easier and sets up easy drops or clean drives.

Many top pros understand that taking the risk of serving hard and deep pays off in the long run, even if it means occasionally sending a serve long.

If they’re okay sailing a couple long each match, you should be too.

Try this tip out over the next week and let us know how it works for you by replying to this email.

Quick Hitters

🍏 New Apple research highlights the health benefits of pickleball

Is pickleball the secret to a better heart and mental health? A recent study from Apple Heart and Movement has its say – here.

🤑 The hidden costs of pickleball

‘A blow to our local economy’: Americans say the ‘POP-POP’ of pickleball is driving down property values. Discover the hidden costs of pickleball – here.

🐃 No bull, just pickleball

Holy cow! Arlin Benner, owner of yipee farms, Mount Joy, Pa, has transformed the most unlikely space into a pickleball court! Find out where – here.

Pickleball in the French Riviera?! Uhh tell me more…

Picture this: the sun-kissed French Riviera, a chilled glass of white wine in hand, and the satisfying pop of a pickleball over the net.

Well, it's not a dream; it will soon be reality.

Hey - Brandon here, co-founder of Pickleheads. I was lucky enough to vacation in the French Riviera 2 years ago. It was as beautiful as it sounds. Perfect except for it was missing one thing…pickleball!

Well this week a guy named Garrett reached out to me with an awesome pitch. He’s planning a 6-day pickleball retreat in Nice, France – right in the heart of the French Riviera. May 6-11, 2024.

Each morning starts with breakfast and a 3-hour pickleball clinic. And by afternoon – wine tasting, beach lounging, and of course…. more pickleball.

By evening, paired course dinners and more wine I’m guessing…

It sounded so awesome I wondered if it was even legit. But sure enough he has Andy Rubenstein, Director of Pickleball for all of Florida and Nike Pickleball Camps leading the retreat.

This is the first trip to France I’ve ever seen like it. Registrations just opened this week and Garrett was nice enough to give Pickleheads readers the first chance to register.

There are 12 spots left…11 after I claim one :) Reply to this email and I’ll put you in touch with Garrett.

Or if you’re like me and a bit impulsive booking fun trips… you can grab a spot here 👇

New: Find games when you travel with vacation mode

Traveling this holiday season? The NEW Pickleheads App now has vacation mode to help you find games wherever you go.

Our team has scoured the internet to find 4,400 open play schedules across the US and CA. With vacation mode, you can find nearby games wherever your travels take you.

Just flip it on and start browsing nearby games.

This feature is available for free in the new Pickleheads app for iOS and Android!

Download now for free: pickleheads.com/app 

Pickleheads App Apple ad Android Download

Pickleball France - Pays de Fayence

In the spirit of this week’s edition, we’ve kept our ‘Dream Court of the Week’ topical.

This time, we take you to the enchanting landscapes of the French Riviera, just a 90-minute drive away from Nice.

Picture yourself nestled between the nine medieval hilltop villages of Pays de Fayence honing your dinks.

This week's dream court is not just a destination for pickleball enthusiasts, it’s a fusion of sports, culture, and the relaxed Provençal French way of life.

The perfect spot to kick back apres pickleball, a glass of fine local wine in hand, soaking up the Mediterranean sun – merci bien! 🍷☀️

Do you know anyone who would love to play here? Send it to your travel lovers!

Gear We Love

The filthiest paddle I’ve ever played with

Brandon here, co-founder of Pickleheads. I tested over 35 pickleball paddles in 2023 so far.

There are soooo many good ones. But there’s one paddle that fits my game better than any other.

And it’s simply the most fun paddle I’ve ever played with…

The Bread & Butter Filth.

This paddle has a ton of pop and power. And I see why they named it The Filth… it hits shots I can only describe as “filthy.”

Throw in the cool paddle design, fun brand, awesome packaging, AND affordable price and I’m calling Bread & Butter my fav new pickleball brand of 2023.

The founders are good people too. Doug hooked up Pickleheads subscribers with an exclusive 15% off discount (just use code Pickleheads15). That’s a sweet deal, almost every other paddle company caps us at 10%.

I hope you have as much fun with the Filth as I do.

Pickleheads 15% code auto-applied with the link above  

Meet Erne: The Ultimate Drilling Partner

ERNE's not just a machine; it's the Watson to your Sherlock, the Bert to your Ernie, the pickle to your ball!

The ERNE can level up your game whether you're a Pickleball newbie or 5.0 pro. Who needs friends anyway…

The truth is most pickleball machines are just ball-feeders repurposed from tennis. The ERNE is an actual drilling partner, designed only for pickleball.

It has:

  • The largest hopper (150 balls).

  • Speeds from 10mph to 65mph for dinking and drives.

  • A smartphone app for control.

  • 24 pre-programmed drills and DIY sequences.

  • A sneaky oscillator for unpredictability.

  • 4-8 hour battery life.

  • Portability with retractable handle and removable hopper.

  • Durability with top-quality materials.

The best part we think are the custom drills. We have never seen a machine before with so many custom drills exclusive to pickleball – over 24 drills with 8 variations!

We talked with Ryan Rabidou, ERNE Co-Founder last week and he agreed to give Pickleheads readers $100 off with code PH 100. Woo hoo!

If you want to go up a level, get your Erne before their next production sells out… again 😬

Use code PH100 to save $100 on the Erne

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