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New on Pickleheads - add to calendar, location options & more!

Quickly add sessions to your calendar and organize games anywhere in the world.

Hi there,

It's Max, one of the founders here at Pickleheads.

Today, we released a new version of the app that includes a calendar integration and the ability to schedule sessions anywhere in the world!

Here are some of my favorite features from this release:

By the way, you can have a say in what we build next. Take a moment to vote on upcoming features. 🙂 

📆 Add sessions to your calendar

You can now add sessions directly to your calendar!

Once you’ve signed up, just tap the Add to my calendar button.

We’ve also started attaching calendar information to confirmation emails, so you can easily add from there too.

🏠️ Schedule sessions at any address

You can now schedule sessions at any address!

Previously, you had to select a location from our court database or submit a new one. This was problematic for some organizers, especially for home courts.

Now, you can add a manual address instead. Players can still get directions to the facility, but we won’t automatically submit it to our court directory.

🗺️ We now support international courts

You can now add or discover locations outside of the US & Canada!

In the first few days, we’ve seen new courts and schedules added from 23 countries.

If you find any courts while traveling, be sure to share with the community by submitting them here.

👥 Add new group admins from the app

You can now add additional group admins from within the app. Previously, this only existed on web.

What’s up next?

Here are some exciting features you’ll see early this summer!

  • Collecting payments - seamlessly collect payments for sessions. Users won’t be able to join until they’ve paid.

  • Waivers - require a signature on a waiver before a user can join a session.

  • New round robin tool - run an entire round robin from within the Pickleheads app using a variety of fun formats.

  • Host groups - allow all group admins to have organizer privileges on sessions.

What features should we build next?

Weigh in on our product roadmap. Vote on priorities and share ideas on what we should build next!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email. 😃