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  • New in the Pickleheads app - quick games, custom titles, and more!

New in the Pickleheads app - quick games, custom titles, and more!

Organizing games has never been easier with a refreshed session creation and invite flow.

Hi there,

It's Max, one of the founders here at Pickleheads.

You may know Pickleheads as a way to find courts and schedules, but we also have free tools to help you organize games!

We just released a major update that I think you’ll love. It’s now dead simple to pull together a game with the right players.

So, if you’re tired of noisy group texts, try using Pickleheads next time. 🙂 

Here are some of my favorite features from this release:

📱 Create a quick game in seconds

It now takes less than 30 seconds to add your game to Pickleheads!

Set a time and place in just a few clicks. Then, seamlessly invite players.

Pickleheads pickleball seamlessly invite players GIF

✉️ Seamlessly invite players

Text a link to your friends or drop it in the local group chat.

You can even setup a Pickleheads group to quickly invite everyone to future games!

Pickleheads pickleball seamlessly invite players GIF

⌛️ We automatically manage a waitlist for you

Once your session is full, players can join the waitlist. If someone drops out, we’ll automatically add someone from the waitlist and notify them.

Pickleheads pickleball waiting list image

🔍 It’s also the best way to find a fourth

Set a player limit and reserve slots for the people you already know are coming. Then, tap into your own groups or nearby players to fill your game.

Pickleheads pickleball find a forth GIF

✍️ Add a custom title to your sessions

You can now add a custom title to your sessions! This is perfect for unique formats or special events.

Pickleheads pickleball PAdd custom titles image

💬 Chat designed for pickleball

Chat with just the players who you’re playing with that day or your entire group.

If a group gets too loud, you can now silence them right from the Groups tab.

Pickleheads pickleball chat image

💵 DUPR, payments and a new round robin tool are coming soon!

Look out for these major updates coming soon!

  • Link your DUPR ID to Pickleheads

  • Run DUPR sessions and automatically sync scores

  • Collecting payments for groups and sessions

  • Organizing round robins with a variety of formats

If you’re interested in beta testing any of these features, please sign up for early access.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email. 😃