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🔥 Playing pickleball like the floor is lava

Plus, Drill of the Week: 4 Corners, 2x Masters champ to miss tournament because of a pickleball injury, and much more...

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🔥 Playing pickleball like the floor is lava
🤾 Drill of the week: 4 Corners
🧑‍🎤 Perry spanks American Idol co-hosts at pickleball
🏌️ 2x Masters champ to miss tournament because of a pickleball injury
Epic point of the week

🔥 Playing pickleball like the floor is lava

This week’s epic point is pure madness! There are sooo many volleys, you could say for this point the floor is lava!

To check out this week’s epic point, click the image ▶️

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Your paddle’s in the rack. You’re up next.

And then it hits…

Hunger pains! You reach in your bag but alas - nothing to eat 😭

There’s nothing worse than cutting a session short because you’re hungry, amirite?!

I never leave home without a few snacks in my bag. And lately I’ve been enjoying the beef jerky sticks from CHOMPS.

I see a lot of players eating sugary granola bars on the court but I honestly feel (and play) better with something high in protein and low in sugar. 

That’s why I like these CHOMPS meat sticks:

100% grass-fed beef + antibiotic-free turkey

• Zero sugar

• 10-12g of protein per stick

• Lots of delicious flavors (Jalapeno yes!)

And fun fact - I used to own my own healthy snack company so I’ve known about CHOMPS for a long time. 

Awesome to see them popping up on the pickleball courts!

If you want to try out these tasty snacks, grab your favorite flavor on Amazon Prime 👇️

Happy snacking –

Poll of the week

What do you snack on to keep your energy up on the court?

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Level Up

🤾 Drill of the week: 4 Corners

Rahul, Pickleheads community manager and APP Top 150 player, is back once again with this week’s top tip…

Want to work on your dinking?

You know getting to the kitchen is super important in doubles, but how do you know what to do when you get to the kitchen?

Here’s a drill to become an expert at the kitchen!

It’s called 4 corners.

You essentially dink from all spots, cross-court from left and right, cross-court from right to left and then from the center of the court.

Level Up GIF

What you’re doing is learning to become more aggressive with your dinks – moving your opponent around. Forcing them to make errors.

You can also practice your speed ups off the bounce and in the air with this drill.

You’ll learn when to hit a speed up and what spot to pick.

This drill also builds muscle memory. You’ll know what shots to go for and which shots to avoid when you’re at the kitchen.

Add this into your drilling routine and watch your doubles game take flight!

Here’s a video of Rahul talking you through this week’s tip 👇

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You can now book lessons with over 840 pickleball instructors on Pickleheads!

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We’re constantly hearing from new players who don’t know where to start. A beginner’s lesson is the perfect way to learn the rules and basic techniques.

Try our lessons search tool to see all nearby pickleball coaches on a map.

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Quick Hitters

🧑‍🎤 Katy Perry and her Mom 'spank' Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie at pickleball

Apparently, Katy Perry knows how to bring the heat on the pickleball court.

In this clip, the "California Gurls" singer challenged and schooled her fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan…with a little help from her Mom!

🏌️ Langer, two time Masters champ to miss tournament because of a pickleball injury

This was supposed to be his final Masters!

👮‍♀️ Las Vegas pickleball store hit by thieves twice in last month

Donate to help children and win packages from Diadem

Diadem image

They are over 50% of the way to their goal!

Take the paddle quiz logo

Check out our BRAND NEW paddle quiz! I’m really excited about this one…

I get asked every week for paddle recs but it’s hard without knowing your playstyle and needs…

So enter the quiz - answer 7 quick questions and I’ll recommend the 3 best for you. I tested over 80 paddles last year but only pick from the top 30.

Are you playing with the best paddle for your game? Find out below 👇

Take the paddle quiz

The Broadmoor Club, Colorado Springs, CO

The Broadmoor Club image

You’ll find this week’s DREAM court on the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs!

Not only do you get to play with these incredible panoramic views from the lofty heights of a mountain side, I hear they even hold ‘Pickleball, Pasta and Pizza’ weekenders!

Those are three of my most favorite things!

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Pickleball Central

PC image

Now, this is one of our biggest exclusive deals EVER…

Starting today Pickleheads readers can enjoy 10% off everything on Pickleball Central.

Well almost everything… no Selkirk, Gearbox, or machines.

Just use code PICKLEHEADS at checkout.

Pickleball Central carries almost everything. But it’s by far my favorite place to buy pickleball nets.

With the weather getting nice, I know many of you are shopping for nets to play with over the spring and summer season.

Nets can be hard to find and expensive, so this deal will save you some serious dough!

Whether you’re shopping for nets, paddles, balls or accessories this spring, check out this sweet deal 👇

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