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  • 😍 She’s a pickleball reset machine!

😍 She’s a pickleball reset machine!

Plus, is pickleball still affordable, luxury buyers spend millions to add pickleball courts to vacation homes, plus much more

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😍 Allie’s a pickleball reset machine!
🤾 Level up your footwork with ladder drills
🤑 Is pickleball still affordable?
🏫 Luxury buyers spend millions to add pickleball courts to vacation homes
Epic point of the week

😍 Allie’s a pickleball reset machine

This week’s epic point highlights how important resets are in pickleball.

Allie Reichert, well, she’s a pickleball reset machine, no doubt. A rising star? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

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🤾 Level up your footwork with ladder drills

Rahul, Pickleheads community manager and APP Top 150 player, is back once again with this week’s top tip…

Getting on the court and playing is one great way to improve...

However, working on your footwork is also extremely important.

This week, we're focusing on footwork drills you can do on an agility ladder to get faster on the court and level up!

If you don’t have an agility ladder, you can draw boxes using chalk or imagine lines and do this on the court yourself.

Level Up GIF

First, you do 3 sets of quick steps, two feet in each box as we go up and down.

Your next drill is 3 sets of quick steps but with one foot in each box.

Then, you do 1-legged hops in 5 boxes into 2 feet quick steps with the remaining boxes left. 3 sets of 5

Next, you do 3 sets of scissor steps, which is jumping 2 feet in the box and then 2 feet out of the box for each box.

This will practice your split stepping.

Next, you do 3 sets of sideways steps, which is similar to quick steps but sideways. You do 2 feet in the box then 2 feet out, for each box sideways up and down.

Finally, we finish with air swings. I do this by hitting forehands and backhands on each side, side stepping two steps through each box to hit each stroke as I progress through the ladder.

You don’t have to do all these drills or multiple sets.

Any of these footwork drills will help level up your game and movement 💪

Make sure to watch the video, this week’s tip is much easier to see in action 👇

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Your paddle’s in the rack. You’re up next.

And then it hits…

Hunger pains! You reach in your bag but alas - nothing to eat 😭

There’s nothing worse than cutting a session short because you’re hungry, amirite?!

I never leave home without a few snacks in my bag. And lately I’ve been munching on the beef jerky sticks from CHOMPS.

I see a lot of players eating sugary granola bars on the court but I honestly feel (and play) better with something high in protein and low in sugar. 

That’s why I like these CHOMPS meat sticks:

  • 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef  + antibiotic-free turkey

  • Zero sugar

  • 10-12g of protein per stick

  • Lots of delicious flavors (Jalapeno yes!)

And fun fact - I used to own my own healthy snack company so I’ve known about CHOMPS for a long time. 

Awesome to see them popping up on the pickleball courts and excited to share an exclusive 15% off any snack they sell 👇

***Code PICKLEHEADS auto-applied in the link above***

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🏫  Luxury buyers spending  millions to add pickleball courts to vacation homes

When it comes to vacation homes for the ultra-wealthy, the hottest amenities in 2024 aren’t indoor bowling alleys or stables for horses—they’re pickleball courts and sophisticated safe rooms.

🤑 Is pickleball still affordable?

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US, because it is simple and easy to learn.  But with $100 shoes and $250+ paddles, is it still affordable? 

👨‍⚕️  Ambyr Childer teams up with Doc Amen for her first ever pickleball game

Ambyr Childers, known for her roles in You and Ray Donovan, recently teamed up with author and Instagram sensation, Doc Amen, for her first ever pickleball game.

How a stay-at-home dad turned his passion for pickleball into 'a game changer' side hustle

Pickleball coach image

As a recent Business Insider article explored, stay-at-home parent Antoine Echavidre's day includes waking up his two children, preparing breakfast and dinner, doing school drop-off and pickup, and ending the day with bedtime stories.

But outside these and other tasks, Echavidre, 45, not only spends time playing pickleball he teaches it too. As a side hustle.

In late 2023, Echavidre started teaching pickleball through TeachMe.To, a platform for pickleball lessons, among other activities.

"It's a good balance now for me," Echavidre said, as he has a little more time for other things now that his children are getting older.

And, this seems to be a growing trend. Ted Rossman, a senior industry analyst for Bankrate, said part-time or gig work can help build relationships and skills, which can also be helpful if stay-at-home parents want to later transition to the paid workforce full-time.

Sounds like a great idea, right? More importantly, we want to hear your thoughts…

Are you looking to become a pickleball coach? Have you ever thought of teaching pickleball as a side hustle? Is coaching for you?

Let us know in the poll below 👇🏻

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Are you looking to become a pickleball coach?

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Grow your coaching business for free on Pickleheads

Are you a pickleball coach?

Get listed on Pickleheads and reach the 600,000+ players who visit our site each month. 

It’s a great way to grow your coaching business!

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Just submit an application to our partners at TeachMe.to

Once approved, your profile will automatically appear when players search for lessons and get featured on local court pages.

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CityPickle at Wollman Rink, Central Park, NY

Wollman Rink pickleball image

Pickleball has returned to Central Park in New York! 

Doubling down on the popularity of pickleball, Central Park is gearing up for the return of the 14-court pickleball installation via CityPickle that took over Wollman Rink in 2023.

The experience will officially debut on May 1, offering players the chance to reserve courts or join open play sessions between 8am and 9pm daily.

Rumor has it, the courts are now a permanent fixture! Once ice skating season returns, the pickleball courts will stay put, just hidden under the ice. 🥰 ❤️ 😍

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And we’re pleased to offer this discount to help you along your journey.

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Pickleheads readers can enjoy 10% off everything on Pickleball Central?

Well almost everything…no Selkirk, Gearbox, or machines.

Pickleball Central carries pretty much everything.

Whether you’re shopping for paddles, balls nets, or accessories this spring, check out this sweet deal 👇

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