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😡 Tennis only! Pickleball banned in Virginia park

Plus, don't forget your feet, an epic point with over 1m+ views, and much more

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😍 An EPIC point with 1m+ views on YouTube
🤾 A special new LevelUp guest…
😡 Tennis only! Pickleball banned in Virginia park
😮 Matthew and Camila Mccaughney play pickleball pants-less
Epic point of the week

😍 An EPIC point with 1m+ views on YouTube

Y’all know this point is gonna be epic if it's amounted over 1 million views on YouTube so far.

This 54-shot epic point has it all–dinks, volleys, two-handed backhands, lob attempts and plenty of fast hands at the kitchen!

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🤾 Don’t forget your feet!

Okay, I’m a little excited… we have someone very special taking over our Level Up this week!

He’s been featured on SportsCenter. And his tips are pure gold. When he told me he launched a newsletter I signed up immediately.

This guy needs no introduction, he’s a top 5 ranked pickleball player in the world – James Ignatowich!

One of the most common things I hear – “this shot feels great when I drill, but it’s so much harder in a game for some reason.”

Of course it’s harder! When you drill you know where the ball is being hit, and what you’re trying to do with it.

In a game you react, move and make a decision. What isn’t talked about enough, is how your movement and shot selection is connected.

If someone hits a dink a little too high but you’re on one leg and off balance, then maybe it’s NOT the right ball to speed up on.

The pros make the game look easy because they’re always balanced and in the right position - like you are when you drill.

Even the best players will still miss, or pop the ball up, when they are stretched or off balance.

What separates pros from rec players is they stay within their means when they are off balance, and attack when their balance is strong!

So, how can we work on our positioning to maximize our options for each shot?

First, focus on your own recognition.

For example, if you hit a deep serve on the baseline, take a step forward early, because the chances of a weak and short return is greater.

Second, react with your feet first!

I see way too many people stab at a reset with their paddle before they even try to get behind the ball with their feet.

Lastly, (my personal favorite here) focus on the split step. 

You don’t have to be crazy with your feet like me, but split-stepping before every shot is critical.

Having your core centered and your legs bent will prepare you to react and also stay in control.

Way too many people fly through the transition zone, thinking it’s a rush to get into the kitchen!

You want to get to the kitchen as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of balance.

You do not want to be moving while your opponent is hitting a ball at your feet.

So next time you’re on the court be conscious of how balanced you are on each shot.

Being balanced will give you a greater chance of making a defensive shot, and will give you a greater chance of finding an offensive opportunity.

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#1 senior pro-pickleball player’s little-known secret to recovering faster than anyone else 🤫

Kineon Move+ Pro

I’ve had a right shoulder injury that’s plagued me for years…

It’s a killer on my overhead smashes. 

A few months ago, I started going to a facility for red-light therapy. It’s helped my injury and I'm recovering quicker and sleeping better.

Recently I heard about a cool product – the Kineon Move+ Pro. It’s a portable device that administers red light therapy on the go. 

I heard about it from Lee Whitwell, the #1 senior pro pickleball player and director of training and education for The Pickler.

Lee told me she’s been using the Move+ Pro to help with recovery and improved blood flow for a while now.  

“I’ve got a tear in my right knee, which flares up. So I started using the Kineon Move+ Pro 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. 

By the fourth and fifth day, I felt a real improvement. I know the pain is never going to go away, but it’s lessened. 

To me, that means I can play harder, longer and not worry about sharp pain or my knee buckling. I’m now a true believer in red light therapy.”

The Move+ is portable and easy to use. Lee places the adjustable straps around her knee and turns it on. The LED and Laser technology penetrate deep into the body for fast effective pain treatment.

When I asked Lee if she knew any other players using the Move+ she almost wanted to keep it her little secret…

“I’m an early adopter. Anything that helps me move better and faster than anyone else I’m playing, I’ll take. I have some friends who have asked about the device, but I’m not sharing my secrets.”

Lee thinks it’s not too long before the Kineon Move+ Pro will catch on and I have to agree!

If you’ve been battling injuries like me, give the Move+ Pro a try and start managing your pain.

To learn more and save on the Kineon Move+ Pro click the link below 👇

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 😡 Tennis only! Pickleball banned in Virginia park

A popular pickleball destination, Kendale Park, VA, will soon become tennis only. 

But it’s not for the reason you’re expecting. Neighbors say “of course they can hear the courts, but they’ll be sad to see them go!”. 

😮 Matthew and Camila McCaughney play pickleball pantsless

Last Thursday, the Hollywood couple bared all in a new commercial for their alcohol brand, Pantalones Organic Tequila

In it, they show viewers how to make a refreshing pickle margarita, but if that's not enough to keep you watching, they also included footage of themselves playing pickleball—pantsless.

😔 Broken up our community': Pickleballers still fume after losing popular San Francisco courts

The commotion at the Presidio Wall playground in San Francisco's wealthy neighborhood shows no signs of ending anytime soon. 

If you want to get the inside scoop, this article from San Francisco Gate explores the well-publicized controversy in great detail. 

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You can now save your Pickleheads sessions directly to your calendar 🙌

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Pickleheads Calendar feature

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This has been one of our most requested features ever…

And you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your pickleball game again 🙂

Dream Court of the week image

Presidio Wall Playground, San Francisco

Presidio Wall Playground image

As there’s been a lot of talk about these pickleball courts recently, we thought we’d highlight them as our Dream Court of the week. 

You’ll find these courts on the Presidio Wall Playground in Presidio Heights, San Francisco. 

Located just south of the Presidio, where Silicon Valley’s elite mingle with affluent families, these courts are mere steps away from some of San Francisco's most alluring hiking trails and parks.

They sound like the perfect spot for a few games of pickleball followed by a quick (or long) hike…whatever takes your fancy!

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The best deal in pickleball?

Brandon with the Friday Original Paddle

I may have found the best deal in all of pickleball…

The last 2 weeks I’ve been playing with the Friday Original Paddle.

On paper, it looks just like a JOOLA Hyperion. 

It hits hard, gets great spin and has a nice touch & feel. 

But here’s the crazy part… you can 2 of these paddles for $99. That’s under $50 each!

I’ve never seen a $50 that plays like this. I was able to hold up against legit 4.5s and play just like I can with $200+ paddles.

Plus they look cool. Grab one for you and a friend or two for yourself 👇

Discount code PICKLEHEADS auto-applied in the link above. Make sure to add 2 paddles to your cart to claim the deal!

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