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🔥 The best pickleball Black Friday deals

See which brands are offering the hottest deals in pickleball

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Hey reader 👋

Brandon here, Pickleheads co-founder. Happy Black Friday!

Hopping in to share what I think are the best deals in all of pickleball 👇

I’ve personally tested every brand in here and recommend them every week.

Ready… set…. GO! 🤑

Hot Deal #1: Bread & Butter

Deal: 25% OFF Everything

Talk about making an entrance in 2023. I picked up Bread & Butter’s Filth early this summer and it quickly became my favorite paddle to play with.

It hits hard, spins hard and I see why they called it the “Filth” – it hits shots I can only describe as Filthy.

I’ve talked with the founders many times now. They’re great guys and it’s a family-run business that does everything from R&D to shipping.

I’m stoked to share their massive 25% off Black Friday deal. And that includes the BRAND NEW Loco, which is a hybrid version of the Filth.

I’m going to pick up a couple Filths myself this year as gifts – they come with super fun packaging anyone will be excited to unbox.

I hope you have as much fun with Bread & Butter paddles as I have.

Read my Filth review or click below to shop the deal 👇

Hot Deal #2: Bison Paddles

Deal: 25% Off Everything on Amazon

Here’s a brand I think should get a lot more attention. Bison is primarily an Amazon value brand.

But their paddles are WAY better than any of the cheap paddles you’ll find out there. My first paddle was the niupipo graphite – a beginner fav on Amazon.

If only I had known about Bison Paddles back then… 🤦‍♂️

Their performance paddles – The Rampage and The Summit – are two of the only raw carbon paddles you can find under $100.

My pick is The Summit. Bison calls it their power paddle but it plays like an all-rounder to me. Easy to control, good power and spin you’ll never get playing with a budget paddle.

The Summit & The Rampage: two of the only raw carbon paddles under $100

This is the paddle you buy when you’re tired of playing with a cheap Amazon paddle. Trust me, you won’t go back after test-driving a raw carbon fiber paddle…

And if their raw carbon paddles are out of your budget, they have a great starter bundle that will get you 2 high-quality paddles for under $70 on deal.

Like many brands on here, Bison is a small business, founded by two young guys in Utah, Dan and Collin. I’m happy to support them and the quality value paddles they make.

They even donate a portion of their profits to support the National Buffalo Foundation.

Check out the deal over on Amazon - they have great reviews and everything ships on Prime 👇

Hot Deal #3: CRBN

Deal: 25% Off Everything

I tested over 35 paddles in 2023 (so far!) and can say CRBN paddles are simply the best out there.

I really like their Power Series. They’re all great all-court paddles that hit hard. My favorite is the 3X – but both the square 2X and elongated 1X work great for different play styles.

Because their products are so high-quality, CRBN almost never goes on sale. And that’s why I’m excited about this deal – you can grab 25% off everything they sell.

I was honestly surprised when I talked to Garrett (co-founder) and he told me the deal. Especially after he told me they’re extending it until December 3rd 😱

And don’t just think paddles. CRBN makes my favorite backpacks and I take their pro team pack to the courts every morning.

Plus they have lead tape, paddle erasers and even dog toys – all great stocking stuffers.

If you ask me, start your Black Friday shopping with CRBN’s sale. You won’t see a deal from them this good for a long time.

Check out my reviews of the 1X, 2X and 3X, or click below to shop the deal 👇

25% off sitewide through 12/3

Hot Deal #4: Vatic Pro

Deal: $20 off all paddles (excluding PRISM series) + extra $10 off with code PICKLHEADS

These guys make the best paddles for the money. It’s not even close.

I assumed because Vatic’s paddles are already so affordable, they wouldn’t even do a Black Friday sale. But that’s why this deal is sooooo exciting.

For just over $100 you can grab either the Vatic Pro Flash (hybrid) or V7 (elongated) and have a paddle I’d honestly take over the $250 JOOLA Perseus any day.

I pack one of these paddles in my bag every week and never tire of playing with them. They’re great control paddles, with huge spin and because they're thermoformed – plenty of power.

The Flash was my #1 pick for intermediate players in 2023 and I really think this paddle will help any intermediate go up a level.

Vatic’s deal gets you $20 off of all their paddles excluding the PRISM series (which at $99.99 is already an insane deal). And Daryl (CEO) was nice enough to allow you to stack the PICKLEHEADS code and get another $10 off.

So if you’re ready to upgrade to an elite, thermoformed carbon paddle, this is your chance. You won’t find a better deal than the Flash or V7 at $109.99 all year.

You can also get $20 off their paddles on Amazon if you prefer to shop there (but the PICKLEHEADS code is only good for vaticpro.com).

Check out my Vatic Pro Flash review or click below to shop the sale 👇

Hot Deal #5: The ERNE

Deal: Save $100 on the ERNE

  • The ERNE - $1799.99 $1699.99 (use code ErneFriday)

People talk a lot about all the hot new paddles launched in 2023. But the hottest product of the year?

Not a paddle… no question it’s the Erne ball machine. And honestly, “ball machine” doesn’t do it justice. It’s more like a full-on training partner.

Pretty much all year, the Erne has been sold-out, on back order with folks waiting months to get their machine.

So what’s all the hype all about?

Well basically every pickleball machine out there is a repurposed tennis machine. The Erne is the only one built from the ground up for pickleball.

It can feed balls up to 65 mph. Hold 150 balls. Randomize shots to simulate play. AND it has 24 drills, all controllable for your smartphone.

It really is the “Tesla” of pickleball machines.

But unlike the paddles above, you won’t find photos of me with the Erne. And that’s because my machine isn’t coming until December!

I even tried emailing Erne Co-founder Ryan Rabidou to see if I could jump the line. No dice 🤷‍♂️

I want the Erne because there’s only so much I can improve playing at open plays. I need to drill more – and the Erne is perfect for that.

Even though the Erne is on backorder, I recommend jumping on this deal so you don’t get bumped to the next production run.

And if you want to see it in action, check out this awesome review by Shea Underwood.

I wonder who the lucky person who gets an Erne for Xmas will be… jealous!!

**Use code ErneFriday for $100 off. Valid Black Friday only.

There you have it, the best 5 deals in pickleball for Black Friday.

To recap those are:

Happy shopping today!

Are you eyeing anything on the list?

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