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  • 🤩 Turn defense into offense like this!

🤩 Turn defense into offense like this!

Plus, pickleball injuries more frequent, severe than you might think, and much more...

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🤩 Turn defense into offense like this…
🤾 Remember, always take the ball out of the air
🐌 Trump’s plan to build pickleball court halted by snail
👩‍⚕️ Pickleball injuries more frequent, severe than you might think
Epic point of the week

🤩 Turn defense into offense like this…

This week’s epic point is the perfect example of how to turn defense into offense with a charging forehand from the baseline!

To check out this week’s epic point, click the image ▶️

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Things We Love Image

Is the ERNE worth it? Watch my review

Brandon with the ERNE

Exciting news…

My ERNE review is now live on YouTube!

After 4 months of waiting… My ERNE finally arrived last month.

I put it on the court for over 10 hours and tested the ERNE’s claims on battery life, speed, ball capacity and more.

So… is the ERNE worth the $1899 price tag?

Click the image ▶️ and see my answer below 👇

If you decide to invest in the ERNE, make sure to use code PH100 to save $100!

Poll of the week

Who's checked out my review and what do you think about the ERNE?

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Gear We Love Image

The paddle of 2024 (so far)?

Brandon with the Pro-line Energy

I called the Pro Line Energy S from Pickleball Apes the paddle of 2024 (so far).

I’ll be honest, I was NOT expecting to find a new favorite paddle while testing it back in December. But I just can’t put it down.

Well recently I got my hands on its elongated cousin, the Pro Line Energy.

And now I’m having trouble deciding which one I like better…

Like the Energy S, this paddle is unique – it’s made with kevlar and raw carbon fiber.

To me, Kevlar softens the edges of raw carbon fiber – and that has a big impact on your game.

It hits hard and has some of the biggest spin I’ve played with. But when you need to slow down, it has that plush feel to get you back in the point.

But most unique is just how elongated this paddle is – it’s a monster 17” long with a 6.25” handle.

Seriously If you want a paddle that’s unstoppable at the kitchen – that no drive or lob is getting past, try this paddle. The reach is crazy.

And if you’re tired of hitting two-handed backhands with a small paddle grip, this one’s for you.

I still predict Kevlar paddles will break out in 2024. And right now, Pickleball Apes makes the best ones.

I’m also happy to share a special 10% off with code PICKLEHEADS. Which takes the price down to a super-reasonable $134.99 (even cheaper than the Energy S). 

Hope you have as much fun with this paddle as I do :)

**10% off code PICKLEHEADS auto-applied in the link above**

Level Up image

🤾 Remember, always take the ball out of the air

Rahul, Pickleheads community manager and APP Top 150 player, is back once again with this week’s top tip…

We hear it so often, but why do you actually need to take the ball out of the air in pickleball?

Well when dinking, hitting the ball out of the air takes time away from your opponent!

Forcing them to rush their dinks, allowing you to set up an attack more easily.

Level Up GIF

When you're volleying or getting high drops, rather than stepping back, take them out of the air and attack.

This makes moving in harder for your opponents and pins them further back towards the baseline.

You see, taking the ball out of the air stops your opponent from having time and space to attack!

Plus, it keeps you in an offensive position on the court.

Here’s a video of Rahul talking you through this week’s tip 👇

Quick Hitters image

🐌 Trump's plans to build pickleball court on golf resort blocked by snail

Trump’s hopes of padding out his Irish golf course with new amenities including a pickleball court have met opposition from one of the former president’s older, smaller rivals…a 2mm snail.

👩‍⚕️ Pickleball injuries more frequent, severe than you might think, study says

Findings from a new study by public health researchers at the U of A suggest that people older than 50 might want to consult a doctor before taking up pickleball…

The recent study reported that 87% of all "pickleball-related" injury incidents that required an emergency-room visit happened to participants older than 50.

⛳️ More pickleball injuries at…the Masters? We can explain

A few weeks ago, we mentioned Bernard Langer had to drop out of this year’s tournament. But it seems he’s not the only Masters golfer suffering with a recent pickleball injury.

DUPR is now available on Pickleheads 🙌

ICYMI… DUPR features are live on Pickleheads!


DUPR is the most popular pickleball rating system. These new features make it easier to get matched with and play with players at your level.

You can now:

🔄 Sync your DUPR rating to Pickleheads

⭐ Stand out on player lists with a special DUPR badge

Require a DUPR ID for your own games

📥 Export DUPR IDs to easily upload scores

Stay tuned for more DUPR features coming soon!

Dream Court of the week image

Sundial Beach Resort, FL

Sundial Beach Resort Image

You’ll find this week’s dream courts on the sunny island of Sanibel, Florida.

This 12-court stadium, which hosts tournaments, is open to the public and even has an on-site IPTPA certified pro offering lessons.

You know what they say, for some pickleball fun and sun, Sundial is the place to go!

Exclusive Deals image

Gearbox celebrates National Pickleball Month with deals!

National Pickleball month

As y’all should know by now it’s National Pickleball month!

And to celebrate, our friends over at Gearbox have these exclusive deals happening throughout April…

Let me tell you, the Gearbox team almost never does deals. So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to get that paddle, hat, backpack, or whatever…now’s the time!

April 10th-April 14th

Get a free 3 pack of GB1 Balls with a purchase of any paddle

April 17th-April 21st

$50 off their CX11 collection

$20 off their GBX collection

April 24th-April 28th

30% off all hat purchases

$20 off backpacks

Take the paddle quiz image

Wow! Over 30,000 of you have taken our paddle quiz since it launched!

I still get asked every week for paddle recs but it’s hard without knowing your play-style and needs…

So enter the quiz - answer 7 quick questions and I’ll recommend the 3 best for you. I have tested over 100 paddles by now and added a few exciting new 2024 releases to the quiz recently.

Are you playing with the best paddle for your game? Find out below 👇

Take the paddle quiz image
Meme of the week image
IPickleball Meme Image

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