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  • 🤔 What happens when you break pickleball’s #1 rule

🤔 What happens when you break pickleball’s #1 rule

Plus, why they call this guy the wall, who takes the middle, and more...

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💪 This guy, they call ‘The Wall!’
🤾 Who takes the middle?
🤔 What happens when you break pickleball’s #1 rule
⁉️ San Francisco to charge fees to pickleball players?
Epic point of the week

💪This guy, they call ‘The Wall!’

This week’s epic point is over in a flash!

On defense, this guy faces two shots at his feet and an overhead volley and still manages to win the point. I guess that’s why they call him ‘The Wall!’

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🤾 Who takes the middle?

Rahul, Pickleheads community manager and APP Top 150 player, is back once again with this week’s top tip…

Taking the middle in pickleball is super important!

When you’re playing with a partner with the same dominant hand (righty, righty; lefty, lefty), the player whose forehand is in the middle covers the middle balls!

However, when your partner has the opposite dominant hand, you need to communicate beforehand as to who is taking those middle balls.

In general, the player that hits the ball cross-court is responsible for the middle ball due to shifting.

Shifting is a simple concept in doubles in which the players shift to the side where the ball is hit.

If the ball goes cross court to the left side player, the right side player shifts middle and the left side player covers down the line, and vice versa.

This is how you cover the middle and shift in pickleball.

Here’s a video of Rahul talking you through this week’s tip 👇

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This week we launched court chat, the easiest way to connect with nearby players!

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Click follow on any court page and you’ll be automatically added to a group chat with other players who follow that court.

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🤔 What really happens when you break pickleball’s #1 rule

This is a lot of fun! We all know pickleball’s #1 rule...you can’t hit a volley in the kitchen, right? 

⁉️ San Francisco to charge fees to pickleball players?

They're two of the most popular sports in San Francisco. 

🙄 Why the 'tock' of a pickleball Is so annoying

As pickleball’s popularity soares, so does the number of noise complaints. 

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Dream Court of the week image

Urban Pickleball, Austin, TX

Urban Pickleball image

You’ll find this week’s Dream Court at one of the most popular places to play pickleball in Austin – Urban Pickleball.

Imagine playing your favorite sport with the skyline of Austin as your backdrop, the sun setting behind iconic skyscrapers, casting a warm glow on the vibrant city below.

I know where I’m heading next time I’m in town! 🙌

Gear We love image

Are the new JOOLA paddles worth the hype?

The JOOLA Perseus 3 image

Is there a more controversial paddle than the Ben Johns Perseus 3 right now? IYKYK…

This paddle has the most power and pop I’ve ever played with. The runner-up isn’t even close. It might actually change the game of pickleball…

Should beginners be using it? Probably not.

But if you’re an intermediate and up, who plays aggressively and you want maximum power…this paddle is a whole lot of fun!

The main drawback? The extra pop and power are difficult to control. Genuinely, this is the only paddle I've ever tested where I have to pull back my swing speed.

And at $280, the Perseus 3 is on the high end of the market. However, for all you power players out there, I think it's worth every penny.

The Gen 3 tech is truly unique. It generates power and offers a more well-rounded game than other top power paddles—especially after a break-in and adjustment period.

Poll of the week image

Do you know why there's so much controversy surrounding the Perseus 3?

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Exclusive Deals image

The best deal in pickleball just got even better…

Brandon with the Friday Original

A few weeks back, I told you about the best deal in all of pickleball…

It’s the Friday Original Paddle.

Well, the deal is even better for Memorial Day.

Now you can get 2 Friday original paddles for $99 and 50% off paddle covers.

You can get one for a friend, or if you’re like me… get 2 for yourself 😈

They have 8 cool designs you can mix and match on the deal.

The more I play with this paddle, the more I’m amazed how close to a $200+ paddle it plays.

You can finish points, hit big spin and even land those tedious drop shots you’ve been working on.

The Friday has all the top paddle tech – carbon fiber, thermoforming, high surface grit.

On paper, it looks just like a JOOLA paddle. And it really plays like one.

Try one out and you’ll see what I mean. You seriously don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a great paddle anymore! 

I like the colorful design too. More people at my courts are noticing this paddle and asking me about it. The secret’s getting out!

If you want a fun new paddle to try over Memorial Day and enjoy the nice weather, check out this deal 👇

Deal auto-applied in the link above. Make sure to add 2 paddles to your cart to claim the deal!

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Meme of the week image
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